Organic versus Mechanical Thinking

linotype machineThe industrial revolution changed many things but perhaps the most impacting change was the gradual change in the way people thought.  As the revolution gained momentum it also   gained people as they moved from the rural farming communities to the larger cities and industrial zones.  At first these people still thought organically but as each generation was farther and farther away from the farm (where the organic world was well understood), the new mechanical world infused their thinking process as well.

The “plow, plant, water, and wait” mentality was replaced by a “replace the missing part and get back up to full speed” Four horse plow, Sharon, Idahoway of thinking. The new way of thinking was needed for the machines that now surrounded them but proved unreliable when it came to the people that they lived life with. People aren’t plug and play machines but organic in nature and the idea of plowing, planting, watering, and waiting apply much more than the plug and play of a mechanical fix.

Today we struggle as so few now have ever had enough organic thinking opportunities to realize that it works in the human realm better than the mechanical plug and play concept.  You see sport teams struggle with the “chemistry” of a team even though all the right parts are there. Marriages and families go to a plug and play counseling session where the right information is given but without an organic opportunity to change; the results are limited at best.

Jesus could have given us mechanical parables, they had chariots, kilns, and pumps but he didn’t. His parables always wrapped around the organic world because we wrap around the organic world.  Now knowing that, let’s look at organic thinking and how it applies to the real lives we are trying to live and shape and change.


There are of course more but this should start us thinking about our thinking and the students and people we work with.  There needs to be a renewing of the mind that goes beyond just the facts we present to people.  People need to have a mental frame work that will hold the organic truths of scripture.  That is one of the tasks we have as we make disciples of the individuals we work with and ultimately all the nations he wants us to reach.

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